Groups: Articulations of the Real (#SP34)

A composition derived from a study of the group theory in conjunction with sonification of physical objects. 



Available: https://superpang.bandcamp.com


Auditory Sieve (#ET04)

A series of compositions based on sieve algorithm as introduced by Iannis Xenakis. Computer generated sounds and synthetic voice. Libretto by Virginia Barratt and Chris Shambaugh.



Available at ETAT:  https://etat.xyz


The New Pulsar Generator Recordings Volume One

accompanying text by Curtis Roads, mastered by Russell Haswell, cover artwork (font processing) by Florian Hecker, design by Joe Gilmore




Available from Fancyyyyy: https://fancyyyyy.bandcamp.com


Pulsar.Scramble. A compilation of works with nuPG program including Ellen Phan, Farmers Manual, RM Francis, Ian M Fraser, Victor Moragues, Joe Gilmore, Evol, v93r and Eric Frye 





Available from $ pwgen 20: https://pwgen20.bandcamp.com/album/pulsar-scramble