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Groups: Articulations of the Real (#SP34)

A composition derived from a study of the group theory in conjunction with sonification of physical objects. 





Auditory Sieve (#ET04)

A series of compositions based on sieve algorithm as introduced by Iannis Xenakis. Computer generated sounds and synthetic voice. Libretto by Virginia Barratt and Chris Shambaugh.



Available at ETAT:


The New Pulsar Generator Recordings Volume One

accompanying text by Curtis Roads, mastered by Russell Haswell, cover artwork (font processing) by Florian Hecker, design by Joe Gilmore




Available from Fancyyyyy:


Pulsar.Scramble. A compilation of works with nuPG program including Ellen Phan, Farmers Manual, RM Francis, Ian M Fraser, Victor Moragues, Joe Gilmore, Evol, v93r and Eric Frye 





Available from $ pwgen 20:

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