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The New Pulsar Generator (nuPg) is an interactive program for sound synthesis developed in SuperCollider 3 (SC3) programming language. The nuPg program produces a form of synthesis called pulsar synthesis (PS). The technique of PS operationalises the notion of rhythm with its multitemporal affordances as a system of interconnected patterns evolving on multiple timescales. The technique generates a complex hybrid of sounds across the perceptual time span between infrasonic pulsations and audio frequencies, giving rise to a broad family of musical structures: singular impulses, sequences, continuous tones, time-varying phrases, and beating textures. 
The program is compiled as an SC 3.7 Mac OS Standalone, and apart from its source code, it consist of all fundamental Classes and functionality of SC3 programming language.


The nuPg's underlying sound synthesis model extends the original design by Curtis Roads and Alberto de Campo as described in Microsound and Sound Composition with Pulsars. Of great importance was an ability to consult the original source code files of the Pulsar Generator as well as code files of an earlier pulsar synthesis implementations in SuperCollider 1 (1997)

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