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a collaboration with a composer and sound artist Florian Hecker and designers Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs (NORM Zurich). 

> Hecker


_(dia)grammatology of space

_three manifestations of gravity

_sheaf navigations

_geometry of interaction

NORMification is a project which originated from experiments in auditory display design which Marcin Pietruszewski and Florian Hecker had conducted at the Reid School of Music in early 2016. The data source for the design consisted of an algorithm designed by Ken Gubler and used by NORM as one of the tools aiding their design process. The algorithm governed the proportional distribution of graphic content within designated 2d space and as a formula represented basic operations of division and addition of integers. The values generated by the algorithm have been mapped in to parameters of the new implementation of pulsar generator (nuPg), distortion product otoacoustic emission, and their cross-synthesis                 

The project is due to be released as a CD in late 2019 by Presto!? with concerts to follow                 

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