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_(dia)grammatology of space

_three manifestations of gravity

_sheaf navigations

_geometry of interaction


a pluriphonic composition for computer and synthetic voice

composition: Marcin Pietruszewski

libretto: Chris Shambaugh and Virginia Barratt (VNX Matrix)

synthetic voice design: The Centre for Speech Technology Research, Informatics Forum, Edinburgh University

live at st. Cecilia's Hall, Edinburgh. 22.09.2017

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The main sonic material of the work consist of a novel adaptation of sieve algorithm - as first introduced by Iannis Xenakis - seamlessly integrated with microsound synthesis (pulsar synthesis and wavesets), and distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE).​

The term sieve (in phonetic description /sɪv/) is a metaphor for a process that selects certain sets by filtering specific intervals, particularly by means of the modulo operation. The sieve theory is a means of designing grids of diverse kinds whether in pitch, time, or another parameter through an application of logical operators (union, intersection, symmetrical difference etc).

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